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Unlike most clinic’s today, Arthrocare does not charge any extra for the additional 15 minutes needed for a patients first consultation and then subsequent treatment. It recognises the importance of this time to get to know and understand the patients social & medical background.

A small charge for a consultation will only ever be made should a patient have their consultation and then decide not to have treatment.

Osteopathy, What’s that?

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Sylvia Maidment

I am a therapist myself, so can speak with knowledge that Richard is very good at fixing backs and once prevented me needing an operation to due a disc problem. Female clients can also feel at ease when having treatments as he is very professional.


Doris Munn

I am a lady in my 80’s and Richard treated my shoulder after a dislocation and enabled me to be more mobile. It really improved and I have absolute faith in him.


William Dunne

Richard Reilly is a lifesaver-literally

My local NHS hospital incorrectly diagnosed my condition and sent me home with a live DVT clot in my leg. Pain prompted me to call Richard to my home whereby he immediately diagnosed my symptoms and called an ambulance to get me to hospital. Since I recovered Richard successfully treated the condition with a course of deep tissue massage to my leg. THANKS RICHARD. YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!!


Mrs B Ross

I just wanted to say a very big thanks for your advice, confidence boost and treatment. Some years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees and I was told that it would never improve; this led to referred pain in my lower back due to the way I was walking and having to rely on the use of a walking stick. I can’t believe that I spent all those years suffering pain in my knee and my back; as soon as I started treatment I began to feel much better. After only 3 treatments I am able to walk more upright and less reliant on my walking stick. I am able to get up and down the stairs properly for the first time in 10 years. Thanks again for making my life so much happier.


Mr&Mrs K Mallett

On behalf of myself and my wife, I would like to express our deepest gratitude for all your good work and the diagnosis and treatment of our ailments.

Prior to our treatment, my wife was attending our local hospital for her hip, over a 9 month period she was diagnosed with 3 contradicting conditions, prescribed countless pain killers and in the end barely able to walk. We were convinced that something was seriously wrong with her and that she may never walk again. Following your advice and 8 treatments she was completely better, able to walk, pain free and returned to work.

As for myself, after years of suffering what my GP said was Sciatica and joint wear and tear, I received many treatments elsewhere, you were honest and accurate in recognising that my problem had reached a surgical need, and that any treatment you administered would only relieve the pain and not cure the problem. Following your referral to specialist back and hip surgeons I had 2 operations, 6 months later my life is returning to normal and I am recovering with your continued help.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services.


Paul Dawson

I wanted to put down in writing to you, just how grateful I am too you for all the hard work you put in to making my life so much better. I really do appreciate, so very much, the very great skill and care you put in to my series of treatments. You have made me feel so much better about my whole state of health and my general well-being. I once again feel quite normal and I cannot wait to get out on the golf course again or go for a light run.

Thank you so much once again, I will always be in your debt. My best wishes to you and I hope (professionally of course!!) we do not meet, but it would be nice to see you back in Barnfield College for a visit.